18 March 2012

My First Official Photo-shoot

After months about thinking of having a photo shoot, i finally decided to have one. i spoke to Nigel who owns a vintage car garage by my house and he agreed to let me use the garage for free. H, Abigail, Imade and Tayo modelled, Kika did make up and her and Kenni took the pictures. the build up to the shoot was very hectic but was totally worth it. i loved the outfits, the makeup, the pictures and the modelling. long story short, i love my friends and i am very grateful for all of them that came out to help me.

Necklace, Top and Skirt- Miss Selfridge
belt and bracelets - stylists own

Trousers - primark
top and jewellery - stylists own

Fur coat - H&M
Body chain - Miss Selfridge
Dress and shoes - stylists own

dress (worn as a top),  trousers - primark
fur collar - miss selfridge

top, leggings - miss selfridge
scarf  (worn as turban) - stylists own 

top - miss selfridge
skirt - miss selfridge

jacket, top and leggings - stylists own

top - topman
trousers - stylists own

leggings, top, blazer - stylists own

leggings - miss selfridge
top, shoes and belt - stylists own

top - topman
bag and trousers - stylists own

skirt - miss Selfridge
shoes, jewellery and top - stylists own 

red blouse - Topshop
Leggings - miss selfridge
news paper bow tie - made by stylist (Modupe Adebowale)


  1. can i please get the details of the weave that the girl in the red top and leopard has. please please

  2. Imade is her name i think

  3. Hey, I got it as a birthday present from my sister. Would have been weird if i started asking questions. I know it's 24/26 inches though :)

    Imade xx