31 March 2014


Vogue festival was an absolute blast. I went for the "Fashion Beauty and Digital revolution" talk with Pixie Geldof, Mary Katrantzou, Miroslava Duma and Nick Knight as well as the "Fashion Legends" talk with Naomi Campbell and Franca Sozzani. both talks, especially the fashion legends one were very insightful but to be honest, none compare to the Donatella Versace one I went to last year. Everyone came out in their Sundays best, here are a few of the people I met at the event.

18 March 2014


In hopes to help bring some versatility to your closet, this is yet another way to wear one item in more than one way. I opted for a full midi skirt because they're quite out there and most people end up not getting a lot of wear out of such items.

2 March 2014


I'm thinking of starting a "work my closet" sector on the blog (I'd go into it further later) and i'm starting by doing a "one item three looks" post. Getting a lot of wear out of your clothes is very important and seeing as a white blouse is a staple wardrobe piece I decided to start with it but I went a bit raunchy with a completely sheer organza blouse. 

More looks after the jump.

12 February 2014


Met up with some of my girls for a much needed family reunion and took some street style shots while at it.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a lot of pictures so this post is going to have to be sweet and short.

31 January 2014


I get really nervous when people ask me to do their makeup so I'm somewhat happy that my friend didn't actually speak to me in detail about doing the makeup for her uni's fashion show prior to my arrival because I probably wouldn't have gone. It was a Warwick university fashion show where societies individually presented their clothes. I assisted the Nigerian society. My friend Kika and I did the makeup and I helped with the accessories- because of the shoots I have and people I style, I buy a lot of jewelry which they used for the show. Their performance is at the end of the post.

21 January 2014


If you had asked me who Lupita was a few weeks ago my answer would have been “that fine bald babe from shuga” I don’t know if I've been living under a rock or if her PR team just upped their game majorly this past few weeks but she has been all over the news recently for her role in 12 years a slave (Dare I say it was rather underwhelming and her scenes, all two of them weren't that great) and everyone has been talking about her style especially the dresses she wore to the past few award shows. She always looks very elegant with simple sophisticated dresses and very little jewelry, usually just a ring and little studs.This girls stylist deserves several awards. Her makeup artist on the other hand... gasta go. Back to Lupita, she is damn near physical perfection. Her body, her skin, her hair, her face, her teeth not to mention how well spoken she is oh lawd Jesus, even her name is beautiful. I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for her.


During my time away, I had a skype interview with the lady behind "The Chaotic Dreamer" a young  blogger named Karina. Only this time, I was the one being interviewed eeeekkk it was so much fun,  please check out the interview here .
Here's an ironic picture for the pain.