31 January 2014


I get really nervous when people ask me to do their makeup so I'm somewhat happy that my friend didn't actually speak to me in detail about doing the makeup for her uni's fashion show prior to my arrival because I probably wouldn't have gone. It was a Warwick university fashion show where societies individually presented their clothes. I assisted the Nigerian society. My friend Kika and I did the makeup and I helped with the accessories- because of the shoots I have and people I style, I buy a lot of jewelry which they used for the show. Their performance is at the end of the post.

Kika took things to a whole next level.
Kindly excuse my edges.
This is such a dance movie scene.
By this time, we were in a hurry so i couldn't get a picture of the completed look, neither could I get a picture of the last face I did.
Kika beat her face to the high heavens, hands down my favourite makeup look of the night. 

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