3 July 2012

BET AWARDS 2012 (females)

My personal favorite. Selita Ebanks looks beyond lovely in this 
Melanie Fiona looks gorgeous in this jumpsuit, this is probably the best way I've ever seen a body necklace worn 
I love that Beyonce wore the belt upside down as oppose to how it was worn on the run way. she looks stunning
Lola Monroe's body is RIGHTEOUS. honestly i think the sleeve shouldn't have been there, but because of her body, she  looks slamming. "looking righteous in a tight dress i think i might just"
Angela Bassett just doesn't age. she looks lovely in this lace dress


Beth Payne hunny, who ever you are, your shoes are a form of comic relief

Dawn Richard just looks horrible, her hair and dress are simply appauling

For real sweetie?

i absolutely love this chick, i think her dancing is wonderful but come on son, what is this all about?

nice individual pieces, but put together, not so much

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