27 July 2012


Mr Bradshaw is a well sought after American based celebrity stylist, who has styled the Hogan family, The Kardashians, Amber Riley, Tasha Smith, Teyana Taylor, Meagan Good, Tamar Braxton, Shaunie O'Neal and many more. In three words, Mr Bradshaw has been described as Eccentric, Fashionista and Trendsetter. He was kind enough to give up some of his time for me to interview him over skype and I have to say, he is very lovely and full of life. 

Q. How did you get into styling?
A. I started styling 6 years ago, I used to intern at E network and then I worked for Monica Rose who styles the Kardashians, I interned with her for 2 years, then branched out on my own, I basically started all over again but I had learnt a lot

Q. What are your sources of inspiration?
A. Magazines and Photographers, some of my favourite magazines are Elle and Vogue and some of my favourite photographers are Tony Durand and David Lachapelle.

Q. Did you study fashion?
A. I went to college to study broadcast journalism, my goal was and still is to cover red carpet events and have a show like fashion police. that's the force behind what I do now.

Q. What tips do you have for aspiring stylists? 
A. learn to crawl before you walk and walk before you run, this business is very tough, one day you could be at the top and the next, you could be at the bottom. without credibility, clients and contacts, you can't really function.

Q. What is the most expensive item of clothing you have?
A. (laughs) it has to be one of my shoes, either my louboutin daffodiles or my Versace triple platform pumps.

Q. If you weren't a stylist, what would you be?
A. I'd be a journalist that was trying to get into fashion. I have always been into fashion, when I was a kid, I lived up the road from my elementary school and I was late every day because I had to make sure everything down to my hair was perfect.

Q. What do you do to prepare for a shoot?
A. First and foremost I have a one on one consultation with the client, either the actual client or the photographer or who ever hired me, to get the treatment, which is basically the concept of the shoot. We discuss everything, hair, Budget, make-up, lighting and location. once I have all the sizing and everything I need, I reach out to my contacts, either local or over seas to get all that is needed.

Q. Who was the first celebrity you styled?
A. Blake Lively. I used to work in a Donna Karen retail store and She came in with her co stars from "Sister hood of the travelling pants" and I had the opportunity to dress all of them and after it was all said and done, i found out that it was for teen vogue.

Q. Is there any outfit you regret? either one you wore, or styled for a client?
A. I used to be obsessed with bright leggings with sequins on them and I wore them everywhere, I wore them to every red carpet event. I look back now and think I shouldn't have bought that.

Q.  What outfit are you proudest of?
A. I styled Amber Riley for the Golden Globes 2011 and she worn best dressed.

Q. Let's talk about your hair, since I became a fan, your hair has changed like a million times, how long do you spend on your hair on a typical night out?
A. (laughs) not too long any more, it used to take forever, now it takes about 20 minutes, I spend more time on my make-up now. I do my make-up my self on a typical night out but get it professionally done for major events.

Q. In one of your interviews, you spoke about a reality show and a fashion line you had in the works, what's happening with those?
A. The fashion line is still in the works, the line is a capsule collection for a major retailer, and should be out in the next couple months. In terms of the reality show, I had the opportunity to work on several shows and due to a change of events, I decided to walk away from that but I have some things going on with Warner Brothers.


Q. What's next for Mr Bradshaw?
A. I am hoping to launch an on line store in the next couple months. The clothing line is in the works, I want to do a coffee table book of all my work and talk about the daily events, I feel like people would be intrigued with what goes on and it would be useful for aspiring stylists.

Speaking to Mr. Bradshaw was lovely, he is very friendly was able to answer some questions I had concerning styling. You can follow Mr. Bradshaw on twitter 

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