31 August 2012


I have been thinking about this post for a while, but i've been having difficulties with the wordings. Anyways, this post is all about what i'd be like if i were a boy/man. 

  •  I would have the best suits ever and wear them all the time, kind of like Scott Disick, the fit of his suits are amaze balls. 

If you aren't familiar with Scott and his suits, please take this time to Google the beauty that is Scott Disick. 
  • Not so scruffy but scruffy hair with a fade and neat facial hair, never a clean cut. Usher does this the best.
Usher gets hotter with age.

  • I don't know what it is, but I love bracelets on guys.
Preferably wooden beaded ones, but couldn't get a good picture.

  • Good eyebrows. If you have a mono brow and you don't do anything to it, slap your self now.
Love Chris Brown's brows, the arch is perfect for a dude.
  • I wear glasses now, so I'm just going to assume that if I were a guy, I would still wear glasses, thick framed ones.

I am tired of writing this post, so I'm just going to attempt going to sleep.    

P.S Nigeria has won two gold medals in the paralympics so far, so proud of people.

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