24 November 2012


so sorry that I have not been posting anything up. I am so busy it is unreal. Thank you for still coming on the blog despite the lack of posts, I am so grateful. If you have any ideas as to how i could better this blog or if you have any fashion queries, please email me.
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This is my take on the AMAs


the fit of this dress is appalling, but this is by far the cleanest i have ever seen Kesha look

Pink and her husband look great together. I love that dress, the lazer cut detail is lovely

this is not something i would usually like, but i think he looks good.

i absolutely love this dress, i think Ginnifer looks adorable.

love the hair and dress

i love this outfit, but i think she's a bit under-dressed.

YES kelly, YES ! she is finally coming into her element with her music and style. totally loving it.



The hair is gorgeous, but her outfit looks like something an amateur stylist put together, it's just not good enough.

i don't get it and i am never in support of wearing closed toe shoes with long dresses.

it looks a tad bit incomplete to me
this does not look creative or arty, just ugly

she's got legs for days and that dress is stunning but the shoes put me off the whole outfit.

This entire outfit does absolutely nothing for her.

this dress looks too Nollywood wedding for me.

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