30 January 2013


My favourite picture of her.
why are we all obsessed with Beyonce? Almost everyone i know is in love with her. Is it her beauty? her mysteriousness? the power she oozes? I wouldn't say she is a fashion icon, she has some really good red carpet moments, but her day to day outfits aren't all that. it's probably her mysteriousness. She is so private

 it's sometimes annoying. Don't get me wrong though, I love Beyonce, more importantly I adore her and jay z as a couple but I don't know why. Whenever she does anything, it makes headlines. when she opened her tumblr account, it was everywhere, same goes for her instagram and twitter. I'll focus on more recent events; when she performed at the inauguration, everyone was talking about her, even before the whole miming thing became an issue. It's almost like we all forgot it was meant to be about Barack. comments like "it was very kind of Obama to go for a Beyonce concert" began filling the net. And now that the superbowl is coming up, pictures like this are everywhere.
not to mention the excitement for her HBO documentary that airs on the 16th of February. In her GQ interview, she said "I now know that, yes, I am powerful. I'm more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand." and i couldn't stop thinking about how she must feel. It must be so hard to be as powerful as she is.
This picture recently surfaced the net, it is rumored to be  from a vogue shoot
Her live performances are the best. Out of every stage performance i've ever seen, both in person and online/tv hers are the best by a mile. her "run the world" performance at the billboard awards leaves me speechless every time i see it. I don't care if she actually copied it from that Italian singer, she owned it! oh and can we talk about when she announced her pregnancy. If memory serves me correctly, she started off by saying "I want you to feel the love growing inside of me" and she performed love on top. I can't quite remember the performance but i remember her pushing her purple sequin blazer back and rubbing her tommy and then kanye west jumping on jayz and the audience going wild. I even got up from my seat then realized i couldn't do anything and then sat my self back down. Once again, she owned the situation. I love that she didn't sell the news to some magazine.
ughh love her, love her and Jay. My favorite Bey and Jay moments would have to be when she was dancing and singing along to "new york" can't quite remember what was actually going on and back in 2009 i think at the Vma's when accepting an award for best video for single ladies, she said "there's only one person i would like to thank and that's jay for putting a ring on it"  these moments don't directly involve him, but they melt my heart
I'm just going to add random things about Beyonce that I feel like bringing up.
  • I listen to resentment and think "who the hell broke her heart" when watching her perform it, one can't help but think the song was actually based on a true situation.
  • At this point I'm listening to glory, "saw a pinch of hov, a whole glass of bey" gets me everytime.
  • Her relationship with the Obamas is such a beautiful thing.
She is so beautiful it is unreal. I just have to put up a bad picture of her just to remind us all that she's actually human.

I have to put up a picture of Blue Ivy, I always wonder if she'd go to normal people school when the time comes.
You can stop with the weird instagram trousers now, love you Bey.

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