4 January 2013


2012 has come and gone but before we say our final goodbyes, we must give recognition where due

Most improved style - Miley Cyrus.  I've never known her to dress badly, but in 2012 she flourished like never before, alternating between sophisticated classy outfits and edgy outfits, she gave me reasons to lung for her wardrobe almost every time I saw a picture of her. To add icing to the cake, HE PUT A RING ON IT! I can stare at pictures of him them all day. they've been together for about 3 years now I believe and still look completely smitten with each other 

Best dressed male of the year - ASAP rocky.

Best dressed female - couldn't decide
Best outfit of the year -Rihanna 

Favourite editorial - Kristen Stewart for Vanity Fair. 

All rounder- Rihanna. How so many hair colours, hair styles and lip colours can fit one person shocks me. Rih was also everywhere in 2012, whether for doing weed off of peoples heads, being naked, subbing Karauche, getting back with Chris, looking stunning at red carpet events, getting new tats and much more. She's such a stunner.

Most wanted item of 2012 - Bis un bouts. These shoes sold out in the blink of an eye, well in London. not too sure about every where else.

Movie with the most intriguing wardrobe - Snow white and the huntsman, okay no, not really. There was one really nice black dress that left me in awe, but I just wanted a reason to bring up Chris Hemsworth cause he's so HOOOT

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