11 March 2013


I just don't get it.
I love Funke Akindele and it actually kills me to put her on the worst dressed list, but this dress looks too cheap.
You don't wear shorts to formal events. This would have made the best dressed list if he wore full length trousers.
Looks like she had a bit too much fun with tippex.

She's so beautiful, I love that she wore yellow.
A lot of people gave her heat for this dress and I have no idea why. It looks like it could be a House Of Nwocha dress. Love it.
I wish the picture was clearer, love the fit and colour of this dress, she looks tsunning.
They both look lovely, their outfits fi really well and make them look very elegant.
I just want to take a make-up brush and blend in her eye shadow, but besides that and the fact that the material of this dress wasnt a smart choice as it rumples up really easily, she looks really nice and sophisticated.
later in the day, she changed into the dress underneath this picture and she looked amazing both times.

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