17 March 2013


I feel like my baby has grown. This blog makes me so happy it has been such an amazing platform for me. I know it's just a blog and I still have a long way to go, but coming from a typical African family, there is a limit to the things I can do when it comes to fashion. Although I'd love to have a lot more support from my family, I have amazing friends that support me so much I mean I wasn't even the one that made this blog,My friend  Imade was.Then her Abigail and I came up with the name, theme etc. The support I get from them and the rest of my friends is phenomenal and it actually moves me to tears sometimes. I feel so loved and blessed.
to celebrate this remarkable day, I'll be having a giveaway sometime this week, so please continue checking the blog. I really want to thank you all for your supportive comments and for checking the blog regularly and special thanks to Imade for making the blog.
I pray the good Lord grants us all our heart desires.
Please excuse the weird looking candle, it's all they had.

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