26 March 2013


Shortening this post to just 20 pictures is probably the hardest thing I've had to do in a while. Zuhair Murad dresses pop up at almost every award show, I love his use of material. he incorporates lace in a lot of his outfits and his designs are always very simple and classy. I love how he uses different types of fabrics to make simple outfits stand out.These are some of my faves.

Owning this jacket would make me the happiest girl in the World.


  1. Haha omg I just stumbled across this, I wrote an article on Zuhair not so long ago and your article is almost the same as mine. His collection gives me so much life, especially the lace pieces -Rose D.

    1. I agree. his designs are to die for and his choice of fabrics are faultless.