15 April 2013


I'm not too keen on her shoes but the cut out detail  of the dress  is lovely.
Selena Gomez has been looking very mature and sexy lately and this outfit is no exception
Those shoes are offensive and I wish her hair was  pinned back  but i'll let it ride. Kims dress is  very cute but i'm a bit unsure about her necklace.
looooooooove this! I love the mixture of  white , cream and nude and the jewellery is perfect for the outfit.
This is very modern day meets medieval times, love it
LBD with a twist. it's really hard to go wrong  with such a  number and her clutch is also stunning
I guess it was a bad shoe day for most and is that a cigarette on her head? on the bright side, I think the dress suits her really well.

I'm a sucker for white outfits. Love it and unlike most, her shoes are lovely. 
I think this is just very ugly. 
I really can't stand her shoes. they look a bit horse like to me.
This is so unflattering.
At first sight, i thought this was Lady Gaga. If the trousers wren't see through this would have been one of my faves of the night.

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