23 April 2013


Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing, the thought of someone bringing life into the world is just so wonderful and powerful. I love looking at pregnant people(I promise i'm not weird), especially stylish ones. Kim has been under a lot of scrutiny over her weight issues and it just annoys me. the chick is preggers, let her be. we all know her pre pregnancy body is faultless and she'll probably get back to that within weeks of giving birth. regardless of anything people say about her weight, it can't be denied that she is still as beautiful as ever. Now let's talk about some of her pregnancy outfits.

Not her most flattering outfit. The trousers seem to be digging into her sides, going a size up and shortening the length of the trousers would have made a massive difference.

This dress was really nice, amazing fit and colour and her accesories  were equally lovely. But her face wasn't looking too good, The lashes were too much and her lipstick doesn't look right.

This is such a cute outfit and the bolero adds a nice little touch to it. Kimmy is looking  like a mummy.
This babe is all types of sexy. Her hair is giving me too much life right now.
I'm not big on this dress but she looks stunning, I always go on about people wearing their outfits and not the other way round, this is an amazing example of that oh and her blazer is to die for. 
This isn't one of my favourite looks,I wish it was all  opaque and  that the length was shortened.
This outfit is a breath of fresh air seeing as she's been wearing a lot less colour since getting with Kanye.
Same dress as above in a typical Kimye colour. 
I love this. She looks so stylish yet so simple, not to mention how everything fits like a glove.
I'm seriously on the fence with this one. It looks really creative  but at the same time, the trousers look a bit too long and as there is so much going on with the jacket, I think she should be showing her toes, a simple open toe sandal would have worn me over.
Giuseppes are here to stay. More people are starting to get into them and I'm loving it, most of their shoes are so simple and the touch of gold just adds class to it. I can't place my finger on it, but something is not quite right with this outfit.
I don't even have to say anything, a picture says a thousand words. 
I'm not a fan of the shoes but hey i'm all for flaunting the  bump.
I love it when pregnant people wear baby doll dresses, i think it's the cutest thing ever. I'd love to see her in more baby doll dresses as her bump gets bigger.
this is the infamous "whale" outfit, I think it was photographed from the  side when the wind  was blowing out the white flap thus making her look wider. we can all see that she looks fantastic and can we just take a moment to appreciate how beat her face is.
I'm really into white outfits right now and this is no exception.  Love how the cardigan gives it a laid back look but the heels and clutch makes it look a bit more formal. 
Hair, make-up and shoes are wonderful but I wish she tucked the top into the skirt although that would mean that the end bit of the embellishments on the top might have bulged out of the skirt, making it look weird. It's a tricky one. 
When you think of expecting mothers, this type of dress comes to mind and it's refreshing to see her  wearing something that looks so comfortable and laid back especially as she has been complaining about the pain she has been going through, heels and fitted clothes can't be making that any easier for her.
The first time I saw this, I didn't know this was one of her maternity looks, I just thought the dress was naturally that puffy. You can see it's a structured dress but then i noticed her boobs. wowzers her pregnancy boobs are lush. You guys already know i'm obsessed with the bis un bouts, love her shoes.

This is hands down one of my favourite looks. once again, I think her fringe is faultless, the jumpsuit fits so well, the length is good, it's very flattering on her, She looks amazing.

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