12 April 2013


For those of you that don't know, Agbani Darego was the first black African Miss World. As a little child, i remember people always referring to pretty black females as Agbani Darego so you could say i've known about her and known the importance she has played in the African specifically Nigerian fashion industry all my life but only recently have I actually noticed how elegantly well she dresses.She is absolutely beautiful and her style is sheer sophistication.

Toni Tones is a photographer, voice-over artist(she's the mavin bot), singer and actress. She seems to be doing it all and very well might i add. Back in 2009 i interned at a fashion magazine in Nigeria called Elan and I was privileged to be able to work with her. Her ability to give direction during shoots is amazing. She has always had amazing style but since the start of 2013, her edginess has tripled and Toni has brought her A game to every red carpet event.
Toke Makinwa is a radio and tv personality. Her beauty known no boundaries and her style is living evidence that one can look exquisite while dressing very simple.

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