3 June 2013


Let me start off by apologising for my scanty uploads, exam time is upon us and I'm being forced to prioritise. Like many people, I react to British water. Whenever i'm in the UK, I get spots on my face. I've tried everything I can think of. Lush and Clinique worked for me but stopped working after a while. Clarins on the other hand has been phenomenal. When I began using clarins, I used it as adviced but after about 3 weeks I stopped and just started using it as I pleased and then the spots began coming back. I'm back on it now though and as expected my face is clearing up.

I have combination skin so most of the  products are for oily to normal skin
from left to right. 
  1. Clinique wash-away gel cleanser (Used to wash off my make-up)
  2. Gentle foaming cleanser
  3. Toning lotion
  4. Pore minimizing serum
  5. Ultra-matte rebalancing lotion
  6. Gentle peeling smooth away cream with primrose sxtract
  7. Pure and radiant mask with pink clay
  8. Stop imperfections locales 
  9. Clean&Clear advantage spot treatment gel

Best part of Clarins, ALL THE FREE STUFF. No idea if the lady loved me or if they normally give this much free things out. P.S there was more stuff.

wash make up brushes frequently
change face towel frequently or use cotton pads as oppose to a face towel
drink lots of water (this would initially give you spots because it pushes out the toxins in your face)
try as much as possible not to touch your face
Wash off make-up before bed

What is your beauty routine? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I use neutrogena face mask, then seba med liquid face wash, then seba med facial bar soap. Then I use a neutrogena alcohol free astringent. Daily.
    I feel it's too much. But it gets the job done.

    1. I'd use any amount of products on my face if it'll get my face clear. heard a lot of positive things about neutrogena.