8 September 2012


Peace Asemota is a Canada based up and coming designer and really good friend of mine. her line is called A.S.E.M and has been featured in 2 fashion shows. She has always been a lover of fashion and I am so proud of her for "putting in work" my Pissy Wissy Kissy as I call her is the epitome of hotness, just look at her. She is a beautiful person both inside and out. She designs, sketches and sews her clothes her self. When asked to describe her style in three words, she says "Me me me, my clothes reflect my mood" By the grace of God, there shall be greater things in store for A.S.E.M and best believe that I will keep you posted.
On the left is what the swim suit originally looked like, and on the right is what she made out of it. LOVE the ankara bits.
Wearing one of her creations.

She made the blouse.
She made this dress
One of her designs "The Abi"


  1. Dupe always know that I'm head over heels in love with you! God bless

  2. How can you not love this girl? She's so hottt!!
    Pam Bam

  3. Love you too Pam.
    Gats, she's the hottest

  4. Very creative and edgy designs. Good luck to you on your career ;) - SaneChild

  5. oh my days, these outfits are so stunning and retro, simply uniqe the fashion world needs someone like you ...good luck in your career. your really talented :*