26 September 2012


Hello Beautiful. Happy Birthday. I wanna start this with prayers. I pray to God everyday that he keeps you and continues to guide you. If I ever lose you, to anything whatsoever, I don't think I'll ever get my mind back. For real, it'll be lost forever. I pray that God blesses you abundantly on this day and beyond. I pray He continues to help you make the right choices in life. In whatever the heck it is you set your mind at.I love you, so much more than I can explain or even express. You're my sister, my best friend, my boyfriend, my everything. I literally am screwed in this fucked up world without you. I am so happy I'm able to spend yet another birthday with you. I know I'm not there physically, I wish I could be, but I'm there in some way anyway. We been friends for just over 5 years and it seems I've known you all my life. We have so much in common yet we're still so different we're able to stay close this long. I remember the first time I saw you at Sayo's party. I know I concentrated a bit more on D'banj back then but that was all part of my year 8 big bad bitch swag. Haha. You know, it wasn't my fault I was such a cool chick. Yes I just called myself a chick. Big badass cool chick. We have definitely had our ups and downs, fights and arguments but we've worked through it all and i think it's safe to say we've actually grown! You're a year older today and I'm so happy just cause I know you finna start getting wrinkles and all that old stuff. Lol.Ok i'm gonna get into all the moist stuff now but you know what? I don't even give a damn. Imade, you've been there for me through thick and thin. You're ALWAYS there, either to laugh at me or to advice me. You're the first one I wanna call when I got any issues or when it's good news or when I just feel like gossiping. You've helped me out so many problems and i'm so grateful. That's why I'm wishing you the most amazing day, also because you deserve it more than anyone else.I don't think there's much more to say so I'm gonna end this here and also save you the trouble of having to read such a long emotional essay. Imade DEBORAH (I'll put in all your names but I'm sure as hell i'll run out of characters. Lol- and you know it too. God bless us Edo girls) OGBEGZZZZ! I really do hope you have a fantastic day.My boothang! My sugar banana. My sweet potato! My bestfrienddd. My boyfriend! My lover! My sister. GODDAMN. I LOVE YOU.Happy Birthday Baby 

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