21 September 2012


I am writing this post with a heart full of anger and pain. Kim Kardashian's style has literally gone down the drain. I have always been a massive fan of the way she dresses. I even went out of my way to find out all i could about her stylist Monica Rose. Monica is an amazing stylist and has styled her and her family for years. When Kim officially got with Kanye, her style began to deteriorate slowly and just the other day, I read somewhere that he introduced her to a new stylist and she now works with that stylist and Monica. Don't get me wrong, she still has moments where she looks amaze balls, but she needs to drop the unflattering leather stuff she has been wearing. you DON'T have to dress like your boyf urghh. She's too short and her legs are too thick for mid boots and those Givenchy boots are a no no.
on the bright side, she seems to be re-wearing  her shoes and bags more often than usual i.e she has gotten a lot of wear out of her bis un bouts, her Kanye West for Guiseppi Zanottis and her infamous givenchy boots
This dress is too detailed for Kim and doesn't do her body justice and the shoes cut her off, making her look shorter. I like that she made the neckline higher though and love her hair and make-up. Joan Smalls was styled better and does more justice to the dress.


she should have gotten a slip that was closer to her skin tone.

Mid boots make her legs look chunky and make her look shorter than she is.


Love the bag

this outfit is kind of okay

Le worst

 I personally can't stand these Givenchy boots. They didn't look too bad when Lala Vasquez wore them though, maybe Kim just isn't styling them properly.


I can't be arsed to get more pictures of some of the unflattering leather stuff she's been wearing, she has had some really dope Leather trousers though and love that she wears trainers now.


  1. I used to love her style, fun, girly and sexy, and were always on point. I think the problem is Kanye's personality is really dominating and when you can't hold your own, your personal space/style and mind just gets sorta brainwash. Plus she's trying hard to catch up but the style is not working for her.


  2. I totally agree with you. I miss her old style