11 January 2013


aminta is a Spanish fashion blogger with amazing style.I came across her on ASOS fashion finder and intrigued by her hair and outfit, I went on to look at all her pictures and eventually discovered her blog. Her outfits range from quirky to edgy, to girly and to wonderfully stylish. In anticipation of this post, I contacted Aminta and we exchanged a few emails. I initially thought that she was a stylist or had a career in fashion, but she told me that she is a photographer and blogger. not only has she had her blog for just over 2 years, she is also a blogger for the United Colors of Benetton Spanish blog.

She describes her style as eclectic and colourful and when asked what she is wearing a lot of this winter, she says tights and colourful sneakers.

I love that she is not scared to mix it up. take this outfit for instance, her top has patterns on it, one would immediately think to pair it with plain bottoms, yet she wore shorts with a pattern on them. She didn't stop there, she went on to adding colourful socks. Even though there was a lot going on, it works. Every thing ties in together.The cherry on top of  it  all would have to be her lipstick. Gorgeous.

This is a very simple outfit. A white blouse teamed with white shorts and creepers but because of her hair and lipstick, you just want to stare at her. I love that she adds her touch to everything she wears.I am in love with this outfit

When it comes to pushing fashion boundaries, it is important that your clothes never wear you. Fit is very important. This outfit could have easily gone south, but the fit is superb. You can see the shape of her arms and legs and when clashing prints, to avoid looking too editorial, I suggest different patterns, same colour scheme or same prints,contrasting colours. Which is also what Aminta does.
Just when you think you have her all figured out, she brings out edgy Aminta. 
I loved every minute of putting this post together. Aminta is a very lovely Lady that I hope to keep in touch with. you can learn more about her on her BLOG


  1. I feel so happy !! Thanks so much for your lovely words and taking time to write about me.. I love how it looks.

    Thank YOU !

  2. My pleasure. It was lovely speaking to you