17 January 2013


It upsets me that she has the guts to criticise people  on  fashion police. I know  we can't  always get it right,but hasn't she got eyes. this dress is disgusting. I am very upset. Her boobs look wrong urgh the dress is just ugly. Probably my worst outfit of the night.

I don't know if it's because i don't like high  neck   dresses  generally, but I despise this dress
This LV dress is disturbing, it  just looks really bad to me.
The hair, the lining, the length  of the dress NO NO NO. 
I am in love with this Oscar De La Renta dress. Jessica Alba looks like such a yummy mummy in this.
Amy Adams looks stunning in this marchesa dress. It fits like a glove. This was my personal favourite of the night.
Eva Longoria gives Angelina Jolie's famous thigh high slit frock a run for it's money in this Emilio Pucci dress.
Rosie Huntington-whiteley looks really nice  in this Saint Lauren dress.
I had never heard of Zuahair Murad before this event,   but i must say,  I am very interested  in   his/her   dresses.  This dress look painted on but it hurts me that her shoes aren't open toe shoes.
I am really on the fence with this Monique Lhuillier  gown,  I love it from the waist up  and from the waist down, but for some reason, not together but because Julianne Hough looks really pretty, i'll put her on my best dressed list.
Heidi Klum stays wining!! This Alexander Vauthier  gown  is very elegant. 
Not a big fan of Lea Michelle, don't know why, I just find her very annoying but this dress is absolutely stunning. 

photo credits - www.usmagazine.com

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