24 February 2013


Why would one wear a yodeling outfit to the grammys?
Not for the Grammys.

This is very mosquito net like.
I hate the fact that I can see her underpants, it just makes it look so tacky and those shoes aren't looking very pretty either. 
My personal worst of the night, and when she was being spoken to on the red carpet, her make-up looked messy. love the shoes though.

One of my personal favourites of the night.
My personal favorite of the night by miles. It's revealing yet classy
I mustn't lie, I wasn't in love with this at first sight and I'm still not very keen on the shoes being so similar to the dress but the waist is the smallest part of every females body and this dress does justice to her waist. 
Lovely dress, lovely shoes, lovely hair and lovely make-up.
This looked so much better on TV. It's the best I've ever seen Estelle look but that necklace just made the outfit look very informal, I wish she didn't have it on.
Glad to see Kelly wearing something different, I wish she didn't wear the extensions so that the details on the back were more visible.
I love how Bey and Jay tone them selves down whenever it's time for the other to shine. The Grammys were more about Jay than they were about Beyonce so I'm guessing it's why she went for something so simple. She still killed it though.
Not a fan of Taylor Swift but she continuously brings her A-game to red carpet events.

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