24 February 2013


I began putting this post together when as the red carpet event was going on. Why it took me this long to finalise it, I do not know. This was truly a great night for fashion. Most of the Men looked dapper in their suits and there were barely any mishaps. And in most cases, those who fell didn't even hit rock bottom.
I'm all for pushing boundaries and dressing in artsy pieces but this is a bit too much. It would have been better if the trousers were plain black.

The cape is a bit too vampire like and the belt is too feminine/boxing for me. the rest of the outfit is lovely though especially the shoes.
A lot of people loved J.T's suit but personally, I'd rather plain black shoes and I think the blazer looks a bit cheap.

The baby is here! welcome to the world Baby Seb. 
You're a little cutie but your shoes have got to go.
When asked who he was wearing, Miguel answered "Lanvin and a little bit of Prada" love it. He even made flatforms look wearable.
Luke James is a very underrated singer, his voice is amazing and so is this suit (I wish it wasn't double breasted though)
Love the tie.
My personal favourite of the night. The velvet shoes, pocket hanky and detail on the blazer won me over.

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