28 April 2013


I haven't been this excited about anything in such a long time. Last year, Vogue started an event known as the vogue festival which is when a  bunch of movers and shakers in the fashion industry hold seminars. This year, they had Vivienne Westwood, Donatella Verscae, Paul Smith, Tamara Mellon, Victoria Beckham, Anna Dello Russo, Cara Delevingne and so much more. I planned on seeing Donatella, Tamara and Anna but tickets for Anna and Tamara sold out before I could get them. Donatella's talk was very inspirational. She spoke about her Childhood, having to take over Versace after her brother Gianni was shot (she spoke to him just 4 minutes before he was killed), Versace as a whole and so much more.  
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She grew up in a very conservative city in the far South of Italy with a very strict mother but her brother Gianni used to dress her in mini pvc yellow skirts with a matching yellow pvc top and at the age of 12, she used to sneak out of her house to go clubbing with her brother who was 9 years older than her.
When asked about what she wears on her laid back days, she pointed to her outfit, saying that if she wore uggs and a onesie, she'd probably fall because she never wears flats. She can't do without her heels and cigarettes. She spoke about how she fired her last trainer because he wouldn't let her smoke when running. "I have the most beautiful versace ash tray" she added
"Be totally free, fight for your ideas and passion, if you believe don't compromise"
"i'm an insecure person but seeing the queues for the Versace for H&M collaboration made me feel very secure" she also said it was one of her proudest moments to date"
"We did not have stylists in those days, i styled this shoot my self and it was very difficult for the models because they would have to hold one pose for 25 minutes at a time"
The photographer kept stopping to adjust the models fingers because he wanted every thing to be perfect
"I think Nigerians are one of the most fashionable people in the world"
"my style is simple, I wear heels, tight trousers, tight dresses, diamonds and fur"
She added that stylists are very important to designers because you need external thoughts on your clothes.

I felt as though I had died and gone to fashion heaven, everyone looked so fabulous.
This is so stylish, I could actually marry her.
floppy hats make everything look better.
shoe game on point! Their outfits look so clean and sophisticated. 
so classy, love the floppy hat and the colour of the bag.
These guys are in a band called plastic, they sang one of their songs called versace.
Werk it gurrrllll. She is working this outfit.
Her outfit just looks so classy and fashion forward and I love the mixture of white and yellow.
Print clashing, oversized clutch, grunge outfit, cat eye glasses, his shoes, the mixture of leather and leopard print. need I say more?

Fur gilets and leather jackets are always a yes in my book and you guys know i'm a sucker for AA riding pants. Love her lipstick.
Dungarees are making a comeback and what better way to wear them than with an off shoulder top giving it the illusion of a cold shoulder jumpsuit. and YES to white outfits. Love their shoes aswell.
Now you guys know i'm in love with entirely white outfits, love the splash of red on her  lips and shoes and that clutch  is exquisite she had on lovely chanel diamond and pearl earings. 
Probably one of my favourite outfits. I spotted her from a distance and literally ran up to her when I began taking pictures of her, a group of people swamped in and began taking pictures aswell. I love her skirt because midis are very simple and elegant but this one has a little twist that makes it very edgy and combined with those tights and shoes uhh so lovely and edgy
This picture honestly does no justice to her outfit. love the black and gold look and the fact she looks wonderful in black lipstick is just amazing. His blazer is everything!!!! love that his trousers are rolled up and his shoes are lush.

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