8 May 2013


I've missed you guys, hope you missed me too :p I'm always excited about the met gala because it's the one event that celebrities can truly push boundaries and not get criticised for it. This years theme was punk but I expected to see a lot more edginess especially from people like Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora who dress quite edgy on a normal day.
She looks beautiful, but I don't really see the beauty or the punk in this outfit.  It looks like she happened to have two different types of fabric at home and just tied them on.

The corset could be a bit tighter.
This dress is lovely, but it's too basic for a punk themed met gala.
Her Mum is Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of American Vogue,  she has access to literally any  dress in the world  yet she went with something so boring. At least it isn't ugly.
This dress has gotten so much backlash online for making her look like a sofa, but I don't actually have a problem with the fabric. My problem is with the gloves and the neckline. If  I could re-do it, I'd cut down the neck to show some cleavage, a little less thigh, no gloves and  replace her shoes with the Guiseppe Zanotti wave sandals. 
his suit is amazing and so are her shoes but her outfit looks a bit cheap to me.
I just expected so much more. It's not a bad outfit, but her day to day outfits are quite edgy so I was expecting her to be one of the best dressed at the event, this is too safe. 
To be honest, I didn't expect anything better.
This dress is beautiful but those shoes are so offensive! I can't  get  over how ugly they are. they look like hoofs.
This looks a little too bohemian and not edgy enough
Again, I don't see the punk.
It looks like it should be two different dresses and it's not very flattering. 


  1. Kim Kardashian should be at the top of the worst dressed list!!!

    1. LOOL she's pregnant, she's allowed to make some wrong decisions.