8 May 2013


I spoke a lot about the lack of edginess in a lot of the outfits in the worst dressed list and although a lot of these dresses are not punk enough, they are stunning.
I've always wondered what Nicki Minaj would look like with dark lipstick and i think she looks wonderful. She should wear darker lipsticks more often. I can't help but feel like her dress is too casual though.
this is very flattering on her but it's very Beyonce at last years met gala.
I am on the fence with this outfit, I love the crown and the over all  look but I'm not  sure if I  like the dress individually.
It's a big relief to see Taylor Swift in something out of the norm.
E put her on the worse dressed list and my was I shocked. It's very punk, she stock to memo amazingly.  
*sigh, the boots ruined this outfit for me but hey it's Beyonce. The guy behind her with dreads is her stylist btw.
Initially, I thought this is the met gala, not comicon. but the hair has grown on me , I love the contast with her lipstick  and the dress is gorgeous.
Kim K, this is how you wear gloves.
My favourite look of the night. everything from the pattern on the material, to the head piece and the cut of the dress screams Alexander McQueen to me. 
I don't think i've ever seen an LV dress look this nice on the  red carpet
I haven't seen her look this nice since her les miserable weightloss and hair cut.  
Zac Posen has done it again. This dress is actually a piece of art. It's so well constructed.
Initially, this was my favourite outfit of the night.  I  love how different it is from your typical red carpet outfit.
uhhh, how amazing is this?!  
eehhh, Solange is giving me so much soul.

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