4 September 2013


Since getting to Lagos, I have been thinking of ways to go about having a shoot but I am clueless when it comes to sourcing clothes in Nigeria. I was on the Ikoyi Lekki Bridge when i thought wow this would look lovely on the back of a dress and right there and then i decided to design a few dresses.(unfortunately due to complications from the tailor, the back didnt end up as I wanted it to) I design dresses for people every now and then, especially during prom season but I'm definitely no designer, styling would always be my thing. despite a few delays, the shoot was a success, thanks to Rani who took the photos, his Mum who was an absolute star and Tania and Oby who helped me loads. The makeup was done by Mrs. Fola and the model is Onyinye from Beth models. As usual, please tell me your thoughts on the shoot. P.S I named the dresses after famous French names because i'm ridiculously lame and I find stuff like that incredibly fascinating.
I'm no artist either.

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