23 September 2013


I wish she made more of an effort.
This dress is actually really pretty but it's so unflattering around her boobs, like why would she wear that to the emmys?
Nah son.
I'm usually a sucker for Versace dresses and I wanted to like this dress, i really did but omg, no Heidi, NO !
Lena Dunham needs to either fire her stylist or hire a stylist depending on what plan she currently has going on. This Prada dress is actually really nice but it's just not for her.
Melissa Leo looks ready for the circus. those trousers are lovely though..
Why do the girls stars have to fall my hand though? the pattern on this gown is lovely but the cut of the dress does nothing for her and that black leather strip is so unnecessary.  

pictures were gotten from nydailynews.com

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